Saturday, August 04, 2007

She's a Beauty!

We love her already! Our new Airstream International. Allison has named her, Abby. We drove into Denver, arriving last night, and went straight to the dealership ( Windish RV Center) this morning. It took a few hours to get the Tahoe rigged for towing and for us to get instructions on how the Airstream operates.

I barely had time to organize our stuff before Robert was corralling us to head up the mountains to Summit County. I said, "Don't you want to practice a little here in Denver first?" Of course not. Up we went sometimes at 25 miles and hour. We were surprised how smoothly the pull went.

I am absolutely thrilled, but tired. I'll write more when I get some rest.

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The Little Woman and Hubby said...

You are going to LOVE your Airstream. We owned one years ago, enjoyed every minute, but decided to travel to Europe and Middle East, so we sold it. It pulled like a dream, never had any problems with high winds or wind resistence. That is the result of the design. All our friends are buying 5th wheels, why? We have not idea. If they only knew how much easier the Airstrem is to pull, rather than trying to drag that square box down the highway.

I just found your blog and will be following your adventures in your new Airstream. ENJOY!