Thursday, August 16, 2007

Not a good idea after all

Robert hitched up the Airstream and took it to the welder to have a platform added for stowing the generator. While he was away I found that fellow Airstreamers from Airstream Forum had written to warn us not to add that platform. I went on to read a pile of admonitions against adding any weight to the back end of the trailer and they all sounded reasonable and even alarming ("You'll ruin your trailer.") So--I shared this with Robert who all along did not want to add the platform, but was doing so because I insisted on not having the generator ride along with us in the Tahoe. Now I was informing him that we should abort this effort. Of course, he was irritated at me for all the trouble this event caused, but glad in a sense to avoid the expense.

So, now we had to go retrieve our trailer, bring it back up the hill, and park it right back in the drive. We had to pay the welder a fee for his trouble--the trip he took to take a look at the trailer, and whatever else he did. A foolish adventure all around. And especially rotten for me, since the whole thing had been my idea.

My solace is in this fact: The both of us are complete novices in Airstreamology. We'll surely be taking turns at making mistakes.

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Randall said...

I'm glad we caught you in time.