Sunday, August 19, 2007

Mt. Rushmore, I presume?

Mount Rushmore--Still impressive after all these years. Our first and only visit was in August of 1992. Today, the grounds have been all updated. There are museums and gift shops and a restaurant not there before.

But the biggest difference to us is that this time we bring our little girl where before it was our little boys

She read to us little factoids from the park brochure. We count that towards her "schooling." And though the presidents in granite impressed, she was maybe more taken with the museum and its exhibit that simulates exploding the mountainside with dynamite. One presses the chosen target in the rock then pushes the plunger. Boom! Kids love that stuff--that and pressing pennies through a souvenir machine which would seem a no-no in a federal park. Maybe a penny isn't considered protected legal tender these days.

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