Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Deadwood on my mind

Tomorrow morning Airstream Abby gets a platform welded on her back-end so to tote the generator--Robert's department, so I don't know the exact details. We should be on the road to South Dakota by Friday morning. Hopefully, we'll make it to Custer in one day. We'll go north on 25 from Denver to Cheyenne then cross over to the Black Hills. I almost cut this trip out of our itinerary since it requires making a big loop eastward. Our general direction is straight north so to hit Calgary and Banff to visit friends there in early September. But it would be a shame to forsake the rich sights of South Dakota: the Badlands, Mt. Rushmore, Deadwood. Especially, Deadwood, since I now have an intense desire to check it out.

Actually the HBO series, Deadwood, is motivation enough to head to the Black Hills. Since I rented the first episode Robert and I have become hooked. In just three days we've watched the entire two seasons. We've become Deadwood heads! I'm embarrassed to admit to the hours we've wasted in front of the television. My back is stiff and Robert complains of a nagging headache, but God, I love that show.

The Airstream has become our movie theater since Deadwood is so vile and brimming with profanity that we have to hide it from Allison. We tried watching it in the condo but we were turning into rotten parents always saying, "Allie, get back to the basement!" What a joke that we haven't even camped yet. So far, our chic and shiny camper has served only as an expensive hideaway den.

That will all change soon enough.

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