Monday, August 20, 2007

Custer Park rocks!

Lunch at the Cattleman's Restaurant in Custer followed by a tour of the Custer County Museum at the old courthouse. Then on the Custer State Park, which is basically a huge hunk of land you can drive a loop through. Everywhere there is wildlife: antelope, deer, bison, turkeys. The upper region is rocky and thick with Ponderosa pines. Erosion has formed the rocks into strange designs. The most notable is Needle rock, which indeed looks like a giant sewing needle.

Here we are driving through a tunnel formed between rock spires. The passageway is just large enough for a single car to fit through, though from this shot it's difficult to imagine anything slipping through.

Along the way we encountered herds of buffalo, some crossing the road. Turkey families darted through the brush. Donkeys stopped traffic to beg for snacks. Park rules say don't feed them, but we weren't the first, obviously, since they seemed very comfortable with leaning into the car window sniffing for food.

At the Blue Bell Lodge we stopped for coffee and apple pie. Bad apple pie. Still searching...

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