Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Kangaroos in Deadwood

We started out the day with lunch at Cheyenne Crossing, a terrific restaurant that used to be the stage coach stop outside of Lead, South Dakota. Next we looked for a print shop in Deadwood to have some business cards made. The shop is housed in an early 1900's building that sells grave markers. When I opened the door and got a look at all the gravestones I'd thought I'd entered the wrong building, but the print shop was further inside.

The owner, Bruce Oberlander, happened to be free to help me design business cards for my weblog. It happens that he was once the mayor of Deadwood so he shared some interesting insights. His wife is descended from early immigrants to Deadwood dating back to before 1900. They had operated the same granite and marble works that exists today. When I shared this all with Robert he slyly remarked that considering the lawless and violent past of Deadwood, a tombstone maker would be the smartest trade to be in.

Next we visited Roo Ranch, home to kangaroos and wallabies. It is a new business, one that will surely flourish with all the tourism. Kids need attractions that casinos can't offer. Allison was in kangaroo heaven. For Robert and me that was the first occasion of our ever petting and playing with a kangaroo. Allie and I went to work hugging and rubbing their ears; Robert tried to wrestle one. Thank goodness they are so tame and tolerant.

After our fill of marsupials we headed to Kevin Costner's Tatanka. It is an interpretative center focused on the buffalo's significance to the Plains Indians. I would recommend seeing it. The sculptures of Indians chasing buffalo over a cliff is very good.

Lastly, we walked historic main street and witnessed a mock shoot-out. Robert had a shot of whiskey in the bar where Wild Bill Hickok was killed. I sipped on a shot of his Southern Comfort which I liked more than I imagined I would. The bartender suggested I might really like what's called an "Old Fashioned." I told her I'd be back, but it didn't happen. We ate bad food at another casino restaurant and then went home to our RV park so I could do wash and let Allison watch Disney Channel on the tv in the laundry facility.

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