Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Can't beat McQueen for cool

Charming as the constant rainfall has been it has put a damper on our outdoor plans like taking the kids hiking, or to the Superslide in Breckenridge. We did get one hike up Lily Pad Trail before the rain moved in. Sara informed me that she and I will hike Buffalo Mountain this time. I hope we get to. She is all buff and in-shape these days and I pray I can keep up with her.

What else do you do when it rains but have a movie marathon? We removed the framed art prints from the condo living room wall and Luke and I set up my projector. We put the girls in the Airstream to watch a movie with less-adult content. Today, Allison recounted the movie for me. "My Big Fat Jew Wedding" she called it and I bit my lip. Jew, Greek, what's the difference to her? It was a heck of a funny movie. We adults struck out more than once with our picks. I want my wasted hours back! Well, actually, tonight we watched the latest ROCKY movie which I thought was so so sweet and tender, as much as possible for a movie with boxing in it. But the best movie of all was the 20 minutes or so Robert and I watched on the bar television at Briar Rose in Breckenridge of the marvelous Steve McQueen racing through the streets of San Francisco in Bullitt. Every flannel-clad patron at the bar was cheering for McQueen, the icon of 60's cool. Where are those stars today? Or those cars? Is that a cell phone in his bag?

While the kids were off with Sara and Ed, and while I dipped into a clothing store "just to look," Robert found a cozy spot at the westernized-Victorian style, Briar Rose, where the walls are painted blood red and accented with paintings of reclining naked ladies. The Briar Rose was a boarding house for silver miners back in the late 1800's. It still retains the flavor of those days even if now you can get a Heineken with your buffalo steak.


Tee said...

"Bullitt" is one of our favorite movies! :-) We even bought a Mustang GT--it's our midlife crises car. Yes, it's a five speed, no automatic for us. That's a sissy car. You are right, what ever happened to those stars?

I must tell you your Airstream can get real small in rainy weather. Been there. We used to camp with friends that had two young children. Many weekends we sat in their 18 ft. Aljo playing Boggle because of the pouring rain. At that time we had a 13 ft. Scotty with a potty. Wonderful memories. You are making those as well.

Tee said...

Oh yes, you want to see another great Steve McQueen movie? "The Thomas Crown Affair" with Steve McQueen and Faye Dunnaway. GREAT movie. It came out in the late 60's. The new version was not as good. Check it out.