Thursday, August 23, 2007

Greetings from Cody, Wyoming!

On our way out of Deadwood we drove through beautiful Spearfish Canyon. We didn't stop to walk to the waterfalls since we were tired of trekking. Instead we headed straight for Cody, Wyoming. It took a lot longer than I estimated mostly because we had to cross the Bighorn Mountains where the ascent was non-stop, relentless. The transmission began heating up as we chugged slowly up the grade. Then it began to rain so we had to be extra cautious. Plus, there were deer to watch for; they cross the highway often. After leaving the mountains we came into a long desert-like plateau that went on for miles until we got closer to Meeteese.A few miles more and we were finally in Cody. We found an RV park close to the Buffalo Bill Museum and pulled in right at dark.

Overall, the Airstream pulls nicely behind our Tahoe. Robert is very careful which means we go slow and let people pass us. We're in no hurry. We get such a kick out of pulling over for a break. We unlock the Airstream, make a sandwich, sit on the sofa for awhile. So far, we love pulling our house with us. It's so cool!

Ponderosa Campground is nice enough though the Internet connection is puny. I find myself parked outside the Beta Coffeehouse after hours so to get on their Wi-Fi. I'd gladly patronize the place if it had realistic hours, but everything in Cody seems to go to sleep after 7:00 p.m. Except, the Rodeo. Good thing we didn't choose tonight to go; it is raining. As much of the country is in a terrible heat wave, we seem to have escaped to perfect temperatures. Nights in South Dakota and Wyoming are cool; days are usually sunny and mild. We are seeing these regions at their best.

Today we rode the exceptional Cody Trolley Tour though town. Our guides were a cheerful married couple, locals, I think. Margie dresses like Annie Oakley. Their claim is this: "Give us an hour and we'll give you a hundred years." They did know their Buffalo Bill Cody history.

Tomorrow we plan to visit the Buffalo Bill Cody Museum then head to the rodeo in the evening.

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