Monday, August 27, 2007

Role Reversal

Besides being the designated driver, Robert likes to play in the kitchen, too. I say, "Go for it!" In our short time on the road we have already acquired roles: He does all the driving, parking, hooking up, and waste management. I navigate, (taking blame for wrong turns,) manage the trailer's interior, laundry, grocery shopping, and Allison's schoolwork. I decide the routes we'll take and where we'll stay which means I get to do all the research, usually on the fly. So far this has worked out quite well for us. I've steered us towards rv parks where I can get internet connections, though in Yellowstone this has been impossible. We left there this morning and landed near Jackson Hole where I am back in touch again, though barely.

We have only stayed thus far, in top-notch, full hook-up campsites. Until last night we never used our own shower. These nicer facilities have laundry rooms, shower houses, and general stores, and sometimes even cable hook-up. In Yellowstone we stayed at the only full hook-up campsite, Fishing Bridge. It was adequate, but cramped. We only stayed two nights. There is no cellular service or internet connection in all Yellowstone that we could find. I guess that's the point--to be out of touch with the rest of the world.

During the day we were all over Yellowstone seeing the usual sites--Old Faithful, the hot springs, the mud-pots. We attended a couple of Ranger lectures which were very worthwhile. We learned that ravens have large brains for their bodies and they mate for life (so how smart can they be, really?) One of the best features of the park is the employees. Most of them are retirees there for the summer season. They just seem to be so thrilled to be there. We met a foursome that were great friends that came together to work at the Hamilton store next to Old Faithful. When the summer is over they've head back to their homes in Arizona.

We left this morning to head south to the Grand Tetons. We found a campsite very close to Jackson Hole, our first with no hook-ups. We are dry camping for the very first time. The site is just yards from the Gros Ventre River in a grove of Cottonwoods. The campsites are rustic and spaced far apart which is so nice. We set up camp and then took a walk along the stream where we came across a huge moose taking a long drink. In the camp we see deer and a buffalo across the field. I think we are going to like this kind of camping the best.

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