Saturday, August 04, 2007

I can't help myself

I am beside myself with happy happy joy joy. This Airstream trailer is so much better than I expected. Remember, we bought it sight-unseen. Now that I've had a day to organize and get acquainted with "Abby," I am in love! I want to write the designer, Christopher Deam, and gush with idolatrous praise. Every little thing has been thought out: Every detail to function, efficiency, and purpose has been created with beauty in mind. I think the thing is stunning.

I love the way the halogen lighting reflects off the interior aluminum skin. I love the luscious brown colors mixed with celadon accents. I love the chrome fixtures, the built-in speakers, the wrap-around windows. The bedroom is perfect. The bathroom is wonderful. The closet, the stow-away drawers, the shower, the pantry, the kitchen, the sofas--all perfection. Did I say how much I love Christopher Deam? Don't know him, but I love what he has done to Airstream trailers.

As I write, I tell my husband and my nephew, Luke, who just arrived with Sara and company to meet us for a week in Summit County, that they are witnessing me at my most happiest. To be in my little cocoon all polished and shiny sitting on my cushy sofa with my Mac PowerBook under the speakers listening to a super-cool Colorado radio station is pure contentment. Sara and Ed went to get dinner fixin's and a good wine. We'll feed the kiddos and then retire to the Airstream for adult conversation. Happy happy joy joy!


Tee said...

I read your post of packing your clothes and not having room in the Airstream. Pack your clothes in suitcases and keep them in the back of your vehicle. As you need them, rotate them into the trailer, because I know from personal experience you don't have much room for clothes. Or you might want to pack them in storage bins, clearly marked as to what's in that container, such as "dress clothes", "fishing clothes", "hiking clothes", etc. Those storage bins stack nicely and might be easier than suitcases that I suggested earlier. Just a thought. Let me know how that works for you.

Jamie and Kathy said...