Monday, April 21, 2008

Just your normal day in Loreto

If I start writing about Loreto Bay now as we are about to leave I know I'll disappoint any one bothering to read. However, it is hard not to post when every day something unusual or interesting (to me) happens.

I did put together a little video of a day boating on the Sea of Cortez where we encountered a lot of dolphins. There's nothing more fun than being chased, and chasing, a group of frolicking porpoises.

The video is under "my videos from the road" in the sidebar.

Monday, April 14, 2008

I'm not too far gone, yet

I thought I'd check back in for just a bit. I notice that people still check in on me. Sorry to disappoint. We spent a few months at home regrouping. Robert had some tests and is back on track. His health is good. We are currently in our second home in Loreto Bay enjoying the great weather. I've been here over two months and feel like I should have been writing about it, but I'm afraid to get started blogging about travel and living in Loreto if we are soon to end it by going home.

However, we aren't so sure we will end it. We still want to travel. We talk daily about what places we'd like to visit. We're saying crazy things like, "I wonder what it's like to live in Croatia?" and, "Do you think Buenos Aires is still a bargain?" "Wonder if we could ship the Airstream overseas?"

IF we do something crazy you know I'll be back blogging about it. I hate to ask anyone to stay tuned---but you never know.