Friday, August 31, 2007

All the news in Idaho that's unfit to print

Goodbye, Wyoming. What a beautiful state you are. Now, we give Idaho a look-see. Unfortunately, we won't see enough due to the wildfires that have ravaged the central region and taken Sun Valley and Mr. Hemingway off our agenda. None of us has ever visited Idaho before so this is a disappointment. We had planned to drive from Ketchum up towards Salmon along a scenic road that follows the Salmon River. As is stands, we are driving from Idaho Falls to the Craters of the Moon and from there heading north. If possible, we will swing by Salmon if it is safe.

For such a big fire event, we have heard little detailed information about it. Everyone I asked in Yellowstone 0r Jackson had sketchy information. I tried logging into to the U.S. Forestry something-or-other site and discovered little. Robert says, "Let's just go. If it's unsafe there will be signs." So we chugged out of Jackson Hole this morning up a surprising 10% grade to head to poor old Idaho.

What news I've read reports that residents in Ketchum were asked to evacuate earlier this week. A clerk at the convenience store in Swan Valley told me what she knew: that smoldering pine cones were rocketing out from the forest fires to land in people's yards two miles away in Ketchum. That's an image that piqued our interest. Fiery pine cone missiles. Hmmm. No, better not go. Hemingway will have to wait. If there are forest fires you wouldn't know it; all the news out of Idaho is about their fallen senator, Larry Craig, who's naughty transgression in a Salt Lake City restroom is sending the Republicans into panic mode.

We don't care about that. We're just bewildered little tourists looking for a little direction. Hello, Idaho. Got anything nice to show us?

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Lynn said...

Definitely skip Sun Valley! Even when I was there 2 weeks ago it was parched. Really not that pretty. I personally really like Northern Idaho much better than Sun Valley anyway - especially Coeur d'Alene/Sandpoint and (if it weren't on fire) Lolo Pass. Have fun!