Friday, August 10, 2007

Leveling Airstream Abby

For the week we've been parked in front of our condo in Silverthorne we have been unlevel. Every day I ask Robert to right us. Today he finally did. All it amounted to was hitching the trailer to the Tahoe and piling some plastic blocks to to run the Airstream wheels atop of. This, so far, has been the most taxing thing we've had to do. If there was an automatic leveler we didn't get it with the Airstream. We have to rely on old-fashioned eye-balling and checking the bathroom door to see it stops opening.

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Jamie and Kathy said...

AFAIK, there is no automatic leveling for a trailer. Class A's and Class C's have them, but I don't think even 5'ers have them.