Friday, June 02, 2006

Lucky day for tacos

Hooray! El Rey Taco was open today when Beau and I went to pick up Allison from school. They serve up the very best fish tacos and beef tacos in Loreto, but it's never open when we happen to be in town. The owners don't post their hours; we think they open whenever they feel like it. It's become a game to try to catch them open. We never leave town without passing by to see if it's taco jackpot.

When Mr."El Rey" and his wife do open it's around 9:00 am to 1:00 or 2:00 in the afternoon. They work side by side with no apparent help, at breakneck speed grilling and assembling tacos. El Rey tacos are so delicioso that people can't wait till lunch to eat. They pour into the place the minute he shoves open his aluminum window until the moment he proclaims, "No mas," he's out of food and closes shop. Robert says he earns $1000 (US dollars) every day he operates. I think he has killer days for the reason that his product is so desired yet so unavailable. The man's a genius at creating demand. He creates a superior product at a good value and at a limited supply with a random delivery.

When Beau and I saw that El Rey was open we rushed into action. We raced to the ATM machine praying all the while the tacos wouldn't run out in those 7 minutes. Then I dropped Beau off to order while I picked up Allie at school and raced back to see if he scored. YES!

Robert would be so upset to learn we caught El Rey open without him. It would be cruel not to bring him home a little of our treasure. We did of course.

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