Monday, June 26, 2006

Sweet pickles are here!

Showered, got Allison to school, and roused Robert to go on a morning walk to the Inn and back (four miles.) Took my second shower of the day to wash away the sweat. No need for a hot water heater now, the sun seems to do the trick on the water tank outside. That's what you call passive solar power. Clothes seem to dry on the line in under an hour now. Yeah, it's getting hot.

I bid farewell to the Calgary crew, three sets of neighbors in the Founders' Village that are headed back north. Is everyone from Canada so funny? And vocal? I've never known any Canadians up close until we came to Loreto Bay. I've had to bone up on Canadian geography since I had no idea where Edmonton, or Calgary were. I grew up arrogant in California where geography beyond the Golden State was like, "who cares?" Now, my curiosity is peaked. What's so funny up there? I wanna know.

Three interesting things today: 1) FOX NEWS has been off the air for two days, apparently accused of violating Mexican federal election laws. No details to be found anywhere, so it's intriguing to speculate what naughty thing FOX NEWS said. 2) No water tonight. Faucets are bone dry. Hope there's some tomorrow since we have company coming. 3) The Pescador Supermarket had six jars of sweet pickles in stock. In eight months, no sweet pickles in town till today. I can make tuna salad finally.

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