Monday, June 26, 2006


Confession on life in Loreto Bay:

When not engaged in some marvelous activity like boating or scuba diving I am bored senseless. There, I have admitted it, reluctantly, because it is so unattractive to complain of boredom. Yet, I am, and lately it's grown more acute. The hot weather is to blame for some of it; I don't feel inclined to do much outside. Having a young child also puts limits on spontaneity; a run to Cabo for a little distraction is out of the question while she is in school. I have no function here but to observe my house get built and teach two men English twice a week. I'm pretty useless.

I fill my time either surfing the internet or reading. Normally, I prefer reading except that lately I find myself dozing off in mid-page. Maybe it's the book I'm reading. It should be fascinating. It's a Harvard economist's study of the effect of economy on a society's moral character; generally, how growth has moral as well as material importance. I've always liked books about the effects of anything on society, especially when that anything turns people bad like in Lord of the Flies bad. Then it's shocking and fascinating. I'm two-thirds into its 500-plus pages, and though I know it's interesting stuff, I keep falling asleep. It just seems to me Professor Friedman takes a lot of pages to argue what is basically a simple thesis: People tend to be grumpy when they don't make any money, and more pleasant when they do. I didn't go to Harvard or anything close, but I get it, really. Zzzzzzz.

It's my fault. I'm reading a three pound "textbook" when I should be taking cues from other pool loungers, digging into what's called, "a good read" as in beach book. I think I was worried this long hiatus in Mexico would atrophy the precious little intelligence I have. What was needed was important books to ward off the decay.

Ha ha ha ha ha. Like I have control over that.

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megmoo said...

Hello! I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog. My husband and I recently purchased a house in Loreto Bay (during the May release - we're lot 529 in Founders' Neighborhood) and when we returned, I created a blog specific to detailing the building of our house at At that time, I searched for blogs on Loreto Bay and yours popped up. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed your posts!