Thursday, June 22, 2006

Hello, somebody

Today I met with Bob Toubman, the V.P. and director for Loreto Bay. I wanted to stress my desire and willingness to help create a community center in the development. From LB's point of view this is not top priority at the moment, but to us living here a venue for activities and education would be so welcome. We need more stuff to do. Our kids need academic enrichment and after-school activities. As more people come, more activities and community services will be needed.

I can envision arts/crafts workshops, educational offerings, guest speakers, book clubs, cards, chess, a lending library, Spanish/English classes, cooking classes, kids programs, recreational programs in tennis, golf, swim, etc. Fun stuff. Attractive stuff. Ambitious stuff.

This project will require a lot of planning and work. Robert thinks I'm nuts to want to take it on, but I think it'd be very rewarding. I know it's one of those things everybody wishes somebody would do.

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