Saturday, June 17, 2006

They're my friends too!

It is getting very warm, in the 90's, but it's true that you do get acclimated to the weather. I don't find it unpleasant at all, especially because there always seems to be a breeze. In our 8 months here we have yet to see any rain though someone said it recently sprinkled for 20 seconds. I guess I missed it.

We do wish we had a boat. The place to be is on the water. Robert keeps pining over it that I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't take off for the states, find one, and pull it all the way down here. Or sail it down. In his state of temporary retirement, his behavior is unpredictable. He's not used to so much free time. He's already stirring things up, considering ways to make a living here. We both like it so much, and feel no desire to return home right away.

The village is moving along quickly. We stroll around every day taking in the progress. Some homeowners are either living here now or here for long visits. We've all started socializing in each other's homes, thrilled to finally enjoy the dreams of dinner on the terrace and and a walk home under the stars. I've suspected for a long time that people today miss this intimacy in living. I have complained mightily about the loneliness and disconnect of living in the suburbs. I want to stroll and say hello to friendly neighbors!

We had our first dinner in a neighbor's home, Drew and Kathy's. I think we were all giddy from the thrill of being among the first to enjoy the dream of Loreto Bay. A couple of nights later I happened to stroll by to catch them entertaining another couple. They were all sitting around the same table on the upper terrace, grilling on the outdoor kitchen, drinking and laughing. I was stung with a sense of jealously. "Hey, they're cheating on me with other friends!" Silly. Well, I was on my way to a pasta dinner with Ariel at her newly finished Encantada. Halfway through our dinner I opened the door for fresh air and heard voices. Robert was next door playing poker with his buddies. I smile remembering this because of the happy feeling it gave me to think how we were all enjoying our lives at that very moment.

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