Monday, June 05, 2006

Call me Maestra

Tonight was my first night teaching English to some of the Mexican department managers of the Inn at Loreto Bay. I didn't have a real idea of what to expect, but I was happy to learn that the two students I had tonight are very familiar with English already. They just want to improve, to be able to communicate better, to not be misunderstood. They hold leadership roles that require a better command of English.

I get to help them do their jobs better and thus run a smoother, more efficient organization. Anything I can teach them about communicating will improve their performance and success at work. I went in tonight not fully understanding their need for me. I left with a profound sense of purpose. Something that comes so easily to me is so needed by others. I had no idea how gratifying that would feel.

I came home to my family brimming with enthusiasm. And look, I said, pulling out my first earned pesos. How about them apples? Of course, any money I earn is special money that gets to be saved (I always assume)and I immediately put it in the soup tureen in the china cabinet.

Truth is, I think I'd do it all for free.

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