Friday, June 23, 2006

What's the "hi-guy" for?

Allison lost the other front tooth this week, thus the tight smile. She has collected from the Mexican tooth fairy four times now. Between her money and my small change from teaching English we beat Dad as the breadwinner of the family this year.

In the background is our newly planted courtyard of our casa chica. Except for the clean-up, the house is completed. We close on it July 3 and my furniture arrives on the 5th. Soon, we'll join the other pioneers in the village, braving the dust and noise of the ongoing construction. No spa or pool, or other amenities yet, just homes and gravel and sand. We are going to have to learn to live small. The house is the size of an apartment. Tough enough not to have a garage--I worry more about not having a sink disposal and a trash compactor. Being a green community we will have to separate trash into tiny Barbie-size bins under the sink and then tote it to a community bin. At the rate we consume, I'll be toting trash three or four times daily.

In theory, I like the idea of living green, but isn't there a passive-green option for the lazy? I'm for gray water tanks, solar panels, flipping the lights off when I leave a room, just don't make me sort my trash. I wonder if I could put it in the high-guy thing, the window that food from the hotel can be delivered through, and call room-service for pick up. There's an idea.

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