Tuesday, June 27, 2006

News flash: Rain!

This is a photo of tonight's sunset. Nothing unusual here, except for an hour before there was a big rainstorm in the mountains.

Late this afternoon I saw something I've never seen or heard before in Loreto: Lightning. Thunder.

I had a great vantage point as I was on the portion of Transpeninsular Highway that runs along the valley floor parallel to the mountains. I saw the whole act unfold before me. Clouds stalled at the tips of the Sierras, and as if being denied passage they began to dog pile and turn dark. The sky rumbled and lightning bolts appeared like electrified spears being thrown over the mountains. Soon it looked as though the bottom broke and the cloud mass turned columnar and you knew it was rain. Up there.

Down here we got droplets so sparce they never made contact on the windshield. Someone told me later it poured in Loreto Bay, surely an exaggeration, since I saw no sign of it when arriving home.

How I'd love to see the mountain rain come barreling though the arroyo to the ocean. It happens rarely, but it would be a sight to see.

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