Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Habla English?

Today I met with Rudolfo of the Loreto Bay Inn about teaching English classes. I would be teaching the department managers who already know some English but want to improve. I imagine they want to increase their vocabulary and learn American idioms and buzzwords. They might want to know catch-phrases like organizational awareness, and game plan. Consider the influence I could have introducing gringo slang! Wuzzup! Welcome to the Inn. I could really mess with them.

They are not the only people who want to learn more English. When I stopped at the grocery store this afternoon, I had an odd encounter with the man putting away the milk. He noticed Allison in her school uniform and asked me if I she spoke Spanish. I answered in Spanish that she knew very little. So then he assumed I knew Spanish and began asking me if I taught it or knew someone who did. He was so eager, almost desperate to find a teacher. He was so sweet I felt obligated to help him. He said that Loreto is growing and Americans are coming and he needs English. This is true and natives know the better jobs require English.

I went home thinking that something is calling me to be a teacher, yet I have no real desire or skill to instruct anybody about anything. I do know that if I wanted to, I could stay very busy in Loreto teaching my native tongue.

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