Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Robert in charge

Loreto is beautiful. The mimosa trees are blooming bright orange. It's warming up but always breezy and the nights are cool. A lot of progress was made to our casa chica while I was away. All the doors and windows are installed as well as the spiral staircase to the viewing tower. The kitchen is nearly complete. The tub and showers and sinks are in. We have been walking through the house every evening at dusk after the workers leave. We go up to the tower and are overwhelmed by the views. It may become our favorite outdoor spot.

I brought Beau with us. He and his father have many things to discuss regarding business. Yesterday we walked on the beach and they discussed how Beau might put together the wheel and tire portion of business. Robert picked up a stick of driftwood and drew diagrams in the sand of how the shop should be laid out. I thought that was typical of the sophistication of his approach to planning. Never a formal business plan, no projections or graphs. Always the cocktail napkin approach to schemes and dreams. Me, I'd want to pull in consultants and consider every possible pit-fall. Robert just does what he wants and makes it work. A 20 minute conference on the beach with a sand diagram and a pat on the back with a wish of "good luck, you'll figure it out, son"--that's Beau's introduction to his new job.


Meanwhile: Adjusting to Loreto. It is going to be so great! I am so glad to be back. I'm getting reacquainted with friends and trying to make some plans for myself. I may teach English to Mexican employees of the Inn at Loreto Bay. I feel very happy at the moment. Allison is back in school. She said it was hot in the classroom and the teacher hit a disobedient kid on the head with a book. I think tomorrow I will ask if I can donate a fan to the first grade.

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