Sunday, July 30, 2006

Everything's up to date in Kansas City

I'm home, but out of a job (my mother moved in to take over my work and care for our house while we explore new horizons) My only contribution is to prepare a flyer to hand deliver to various businesses to promote our own. The idea is that we take a little goodie bag that will include my chocolate chip cherry cookies (which Bruce and Susan at Dolphin Dive say are the best cookies they've ever eaten) and remind people to shop with us. Simple, but effective, I say. I learned from tagging along once with my dear friend, Cynthia, on her sales calls to doctors, that food works best.

The Public Art Commission is on hiatus for the summer so I don't have my work there. I'm kind of on perpetual vacation ( Oh boo hoo, I know.) On top of that it is so blasted hot and humid in Missouri right now that it might as well be called "Misery." Apparently, it's hot everywhere in America. Twenty-five thousand cattle dropped dead in California from the heat. At least we have air conditioning. I stayed inside most of today with Allison staying occupied with crafts and games. We made a city out of dominoes, chess and backgammon pieces, and other assorted items.

Family is coming for dinner tomorrow so I need to step things up. Baked ham and corn pudding and Susan brings the home-grown tomatoes and Sara brings the cobbler. Maybe Luke will sing the chorus from Oklahoma! He was mighty fine in last night's performance.

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