Sunday, July 23, 2006

Home at last

We are home. Don't have any interesting stories to tell. We're busy getting reaquainted with people and things. We have a lot of neglected matters to get in order, especially things related to our business. It's carrying on fairly well without us, but it needs some attention. We want to lend moral support to Beau as he prepares to open his wheel and tire business. He's organizing and painting and remodeling the warehouse on our property to house his inventory and office. He has focus I've never seen in him before. He has something he really cares about doing. Saturday morning we woke to find him missing. Did he stay out somewhere overnight? No, he went in to work on the warehouse. He's built racks for the wheels and is entering data into the computer.

I'm going to help him tomorrow with my ideas for designing his office space. We usually enlist our old friend, Tracy, to draw up any designs we need--usually over lunch on a paper napkin--but he is out of town. I think I can manage this one on my own. While I'm at it I may design living quarters since the warehouse is certainly big enough. Beau could live there and save money to buy a house. "Think of it", we say, "a cool penthouse apartment over the salvage yard. You'd be closer to the Plaza and Westport and all the action. Then your brother can live with you there in the summer breaks from college and we could sell our house and be free to be wandering nomads."

Not quite free: Allison is balking at returning to her life in a Mexican school. I can't blame her since she hardly understood what was being said all day long. She obediently sat in class doing her best, but drawing close relationships with other little girls was too difficult without command of the Spanish language. I think that stress was great on her and of course she's not looking forward to re-experiencing it. Everything else about being in Mexico she liked. While we are home I want to work on the language. Tomorrow we check out a local Spanish immersion Montessori school for a summer program. Meanwhile, she's having fun at home playing with her cousins and brothers and singing with her grandmother--a grandmother like no other--an airplane flying, no cookie baking, karaoke-singing grandma.

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