Sunday, July 09, 2006

Move-in day!

Well, we waited and waited to hear from the transport company on the arrival of our furniture. After Saturday passed we figured the crew was still in La Paz maybe partying a bit after the long ferry ride across the Sea of Cortez from the mainland. So we were very surprised when we got a call around noon today that the truck was in Nopolo looking for us. Of course, we were unprepared, with no help lined up. The transport company did not provide laborers, only drivers. Robert and I settled on the fact that we would be carrying in our own household. How lucky for us that we happened on a few friends on the way to our casa who were happy to help. Thank you Mike, Becky, and Rene.

Even though moving a household of furniture in 100 degree heat was laborious and nearly unbearable, it felt like the best Christmas ever to me. A truckload of furnishings and goodies just for me! I had designed and purchased these items on my trip to Tlaquepaque back in March and waited patiently for my house to be ready to take them. I was like a kid tearing into my presents. It was hard to be polite when we broke for lunch and the men popped open their third beer--I wanted to get back to my loot. There was a day's worth of unwrapping and moving to do and each item was so excuciatingly bound, so much snipping and pulling away of cardboard and tape. Oh, but the results! Beautiful. The handpainted pieces from Hecht Muebles are especially wonderful. I was pleased with all of it. Our little casa chica is on its way to being a home.

I'll post photos of the finished results later. Today was just moving and organizing. I'll let the pictures of my sweet Robert-in-action tell the story:

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