Sunday, July 02, 2006

See San Javier or....

We took Sara and Lucy to San Javier today. When you have guests it seems important that they see the Mission, even though the drive to get there is a killer--35 kilometers over narrow, sometimes treacherous washboard mountain passes. But, it's worth it, you say to each other, after setting eyes on the splendid baroque mission set in the oasis in the mountains. Though the architecture and its details are interesting, what you really hear yourself ask is, "What were those people thinking?"

The Jesuits believed in the power of impressive structures. But to believe something and really see it through to reality--wow. Somebody had to envision the plans, get the green light from superiors thousands of miles away; then coordinate the workers, clear the land, transport quarried rock from miles away, import interior decorations and artwork.

Besides being a more pleasurable trip than our first, (we were better prepared and in a better vehicle) there was the added bonus of recent rain to give the air a wonderful wet earth smell. We actually encountered puddles in the road after reaching Las Parras.

For all the driving, we only spent a small amount of time in San Javier. After you see the Mission that's it. Nothing much else. On the way back the girls kept us entertained with a game of "What would you rather?" It's a theoretical dare game with questions like, "Would you rather shave your head...or eat 3 pounds of liver and onions?" You learn a lot about a person. Now everyone knows I'd hang by my hair off a cliff before giving up glazed donuts.

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