Tuesday, July 04, 2006

School's out!

On the way to San Javier we stopped at this little chapel. The girls kneeled to say a prayer, or at least I'm sure that's what Allison was doing. No telling what she prays for, maybe: "Thank you, Our Lady of Guadalupe, that school is over." Lucy might be praying for a safe return back down the mountains. In fact the placement of this little chapel on the summit leads me to suspect its purpose was just that--a place to plead for safe journey.

The following day we went to the school's end ceremony to pick up Allison's report card. She was called up for a special achievement award for receiving high marks along with classmates Luis, and Fernando, that boy who pulled up her dress long ago. It was a tough year for her; us throwing her into a spanish-speaking school with zero preparation. Thank goodness she had her buddy, James, to help her navigate. He deserves an award for enduring Allie's constant little fingertaps to his back for help. Somehow, she made it through and is promoted to second grade. But for now it's adios school uniform and regulation hair ribbons.

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Anna said...

Hi neighbor. I've been reading your blog and am interested to talk with you about life in Loreto since I will be moving there next year with two young (currently 5 & 6 yrs old)children. Am interested in the schooling situations. A