Friday, July 07, 2006

A new residence

Sara, Lucy, and my daughter just left for the states. I dropped them off at the airport and came home to watch from the terrace as their jet took off. Loreto is small enough to see the airport control tower from the house and watch the planes come and go. The flight yesterday was cancelled due to some mechanical issue, so another plane was sent in today. Lately, it seems the air service out of Loreto has gotten less reliable. Planes are always late to arrive, late to depart.

Allison is travelling home ahead of us by plane so that we can make the long drive home without her. There is a lot of work to do in the next few days as we move into our new house. We started taking things over last night. The furniture is scheduled to arrive today by truck from Guadalajara. The truck is driven to the mainland coast, put on a ferry boat to La Paz and then driven to Loreto. As soon as we get everything moved in we will pack up and head home. Too bad we can't stay to enjoy our new little house, but the timing didn't work out. We'll go home for a few weeks and return in late August. It will still be hot, but Allison's school begins then.

I hate to leave, but then again, it is getting very hot and humid and the construction in the village is going full steam so there's too much noise and dust to contend with. When we return, hopefully it will be to a neighborhood clean and landscaped. I count nine months that we've lived here. Our long vacation turned into a life-style change with the new intention of a semi-permanent residence. Eighteen months ago we'd never even heard of Loreto, Baja California Sur. Now we are making another life here.

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