Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Gimme shelter

Who changes like a changeful season
holds fast and lets go without reason
Who is there that can give adhesion

We left one blasted hot place only to return to another equally oppressive one. This afternoon, my mother flew home to Arizona for the weekend where it's cooler. Ha! Me, I feel stuck in limbo; home but not home. I'm tucked back in my familiar shell where I'm practically hiding should somebody notice me and drag me back into this old familiar seabed. I'd thought I'd escaped. Why am I so reluctant to get back into the swim?

Loreto Bay already seems like a distant memory, yet a life is waiting there for me to pick back up. I think about our little casa sitting fully furnished and appointed, waiting like some time capsule to be reopened. I'll hasten back when I'm able... to snuggle back in. It was a nice fit, I remember.

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