Friday, October 05, 2007

This is what road-school looks like.

People often ask us about how we school Allison on the road. Truth is, we don't have any formal program. We are too busy seeing places and people to sit down for school lessons. If we were at home she'd be in third grade. She'd be lucky to get a field trip to the Nutcracker at the Lyric in K.C. at Christmas time.

She loves to read so we keep books handy. I make her keep a journal. We have a goal for her to memorize the multiplication tables before Christmas. And since Robert hates to dig in his pockets for his reading glasses, it is Allison's job to figure out the tab at every restaurant we visit.


harvestmoon said...

We don't do anything formal either but we do have a lot of books from the Sonlight curriculum around. They are heavily literature based, so it is mostly reading historical novels or Newberry winners etc. I look through their catalog and find the books I want (I avoid all the missionary and God related ones) and then check Powell's, Ebay and Amazon for the best price. Really excellent literature and I'm learning as we go. :)

one eye open said...

Thank you, Harvestmoon, for that tip. We are visiting friends in Portland next week who plan a belated birthday party for our daughter. They've asked guests to bring books for her as gifts. I thought that was a sweet and useful idea.