Sunday, October 28, 2007

Gathering Water

Here's video of people gathering water from the Sacramento River headwaters in Mt. Shasta City park.


harvestmoon said...

I don't know what your plans are, but if you come by the SF Bay Area, I'd love to meet up. We flew from the Yucatan penninsula to visit family here in CA and we're in Fremont until we go back home (Mexico). We'll be here until the end of November; email me at jamnkats at gmail dot com if you can make it. Oh, and I have girls with polly pockets and my little ponies!! :)

Donna said...

Just hopping by! Want to say hello!
I also notice you have a you tube widget on your site! How DO you load it into Blogger? I'm new at this. Thanks!

kelli said...

I think you mean how did i make the "My videos from the road" catagory.
To do that you go to the layout tab in Dashboard (the page that opens our blog to edit.)
Select "add a page element."
Select the video link tool
Follow instructions from there
It gets complicated, and there may be better way to do this, but it's all I know.