Saturday, October 06, 2007

Seattle is Super!

Seattle is behind us; we left this morning and headed west. Chuck and Deandra loaded us up with apple pie filling and best wishes for our continuing journey. I was hoping to stop in Issaquah to watch the Salmon Days festival, but we couldn't find an open RV park and the state parks nearby don't allow camping. Plus, it was raining, and Robert wanted to get to sunshine.

So, I researched online and landed us in Prosser, in the Yakima Valley in the heart of wine country. We are at, "Wine Country RV Park" on Wine Country Road which is a joke because the road is basically the access road off the highway and not as scenic as the name would suggest. However, it is a very nice facility and close to the numerous wineries in the area. We'll spend a day or two here before heading to Mt. St. Helen's and then to Portland, Oregon.

Seattle was a lot of fun. We spent more time visiting with friends and family than actually sight-seeing. On Thursday we met with my cousin, Christy at her home in Laurelhurst. We tracked down her college-age sons at the University of Washington who were kind enough to break away from their activities to see "family." The oldest gave us a quick look-see of the beautiful campus. The younger went for a walk with us through Green Lake Park where we could watch row teams glide through the water. He also escorted Allison to the playground where they romped around. Allison now adores Michael, who reminds her of her brother, Ryan, who also likes acting like a kid. Our geographical distance has kept Christy and I from being close, which is a shame since she is so terrific and has two sons the same ages as mine.

I missed out seeing my other cousin, Joe, who is a longshoreman in Mulkiteo. Next time. And there will be a next time, because Seattle is a place I look forward to returning to.

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