Thursday, October 04, 2007

All Shook Up in Seattle

We are not the only ones with friends in Seattle; Allison has her buddy, Liana, in Mercer Island. When I dropped her off to play, the two of them hugged and then ran upstairs so that all I ever saw of Liana was the back of her head. Liana's parents, Don and Jaymi are also homeowners in Loreto Bay. There are quite a few LB homeowners in the Seattle area since Baja California is a popular winter destination for them.

Don had complimentary tickets to the Seattle Museum of Flight which he graciously gifted us with. Today we visited the museum which is similar to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum in Washington D.C. We got our first glimpse of a Concord (much smaller than I imagined) and a walk-through of an Air Force One jet. Robert and Allie rode inside an aircraft simulator. Here's the movie:


Wil said...

OMG, you had me rolling in the aisles watching your daughter and husband in that little simulator!

I'd really have liked to see a video of hubby backing the A/S for an 1/8 mile, too. ;)

one eye open said...

My mother phoned to ask if Robert was okay after that ride. I think she thought it really went that fast; I had to remind her that it's just special video effects.