Thursday, October 04, 2007

Note to our friends: If we visit, you must make us pie

After disembarking the ferry from Bainbridge Island, we went straight to the home of our friends, Chuck and Deandra (more Loreto Bay homeowners.) They live on a hilly section of Bellevue where the houses lie in terraced rows, each with a panoramic view of Seattle and beyond. Chuck directed Robert to back our Airstream into the drive behind his house. I don't know how he managed since the narrow path was about 1/8 a mile long.

For all their other interests and accomplishments, Chuck and Deandra will always be the "pie people" to me. They produce speciality pie filling for William Sonoma. Even they admit this association has overshadowed their lives. Now all anyone wants to talk about is their William Sonoma connection and the process of producing pie filling--me included. I find the subject fascinating--and tasty. We got to sample their test-batch peach pie filling, and incredibly, were asked our opinion on the balance of the cardamon to lemon flavoring. Yeah, yeah, tastes great to us...can I have another sample, please?


Anonymous said...

Does frozen pie count? :)

From your sibling-in-law in Virginia with no culinary talent

one eye open said...

Sorry, but frozen won't cut it! You've got a few months to practice before we get to Virginia!!!