Friday, October 12, 2007

The Oregon Coast in One Day

Last evening we pulled into Sea Ranch Park in Cannon Beach, Oregon. My intention was to get us close to the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center and Fort Clatsop, but I didn't understand where they were and we overshot by many miles. Robert got really cranky with me. He was stressed from the drive from Mt. St. Helens through highway traffic and a night-time arrival in a beach town we knew nothing about. I had to make a vow to be more alert to our camping plans so we aren't always arriving in the dark. Can't say I blame him; he does all the driving. I am supposed to be the navigator and planner. That is stressful in its own way.

I think I did okay with the accommodations in Cannon Beach. The park was fine enough, but what put it over the top with Allison was the bunnies hopping and grazing on the grounds. These were domestic rabbits that had been allowed to live freely in the park. All this morning Allie chased and coaxed them with vegetables from our refrigerator. We could barely pry her away to go site-seeing. When we did, finally, we took a long hike along the Indian Beach trail that meanders through forest and along the high ridge of the coast. The views were remarkable and famous. The old growth groves of pines rivaled the Cathedral Grove on Vancouver Island for sheer splendour. From the trail close to the bluffs we could see the ceaselessly photographed, Haystack Rock, as well as Tillamook Lighthouse. Our hike up and back took a couple of hours and involved me carrying Allison piggyback towards the end.

We never made it to the Lewis and Clark sites. We were due into Portland to visit our good friends, Stuart and Sarah, and of course, their kids, including daughter, Carly. Allison is reunited with her friend once again. The joy of the bunny glen is already forgotten.

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