Tuesday, September 04, 2007

You'd be Much More Interesting if You Knew Stuff

Coming up the Salmon Scenic Byway into the Sawtooth Mountains we saw many changes in the landscape. It went from forested and lush to dry and barren.

It was such a long drive that after awhile we grew silent, not knowing how to describe what we were seeing. "Oh, that's a weird looking mountain." "Look at that rock." It occurred to me that Robert and I could be having a terrific conversation if only either of us had any remembrance of Geology 101 back in college.

So, instead, we tuned in Disney Channel on XM Radio and listened to Allison sing along.

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Zeppelinium said...

You should get the book "Annals of the Former World" by McPhee. It is constructed from New Yorker articles as the writer traveled from NY to California and describes the making of the North American continent through the revealed geology along side the highways. It is science, observation, and some remarkable contributors met along the way combined in a way that makes you learn a lot.