Thursday, September 20, 2007

Ferry to Forest

We arrived in Vancouver today after an overnight in a campsite somewhere near Yale, British Columbia. We meant to stay at Hell's Gate, but it was so insanely dark when we arrived and there was no campgrounds in sight. We thought of overnighting in the parking lot of Hell's Gate, an attraction like involves gondolas and deep gorges probably like the Royal Gorge in Colorado, that but we were too spooked being the only ones there under a massive sign reading "Welcome to Hell's Gate." No thanks. We found a almost equally deserted campground further up the road and timidly pulled in. In the morning there was no one to pay; in fact the campground was void of all human presence, so we scatted.

No one warned us how spooky dark Canada can be. If not for your car headlights you'd be immobilized. Still, we made it to Vancouver by noon and went straight to the Horseshoe Bay Ferry crossing. Our first ride with Airstream Abby on a ferry and it was a perfectly smooth and comfortable trip. I think it cost about 158 dollars for us to cross the hour-and-a-half distance to Departure Bay on Vancouver Island. I had the bright idea of videotaping our disembarking the ferry. I watched as Robert drove right past me and on to the freeway as he had nowhere to stop. I had to hike a bit till I found him parked alongside traffic waiting for his nutty wife.

I made up for it by locating a perfectly sweet rhododendron-thicket of an RV park called, Living Forest. Once again Robert went for view over internet access and we are perched oceanfront. As usual I am in the Tahoe next to the office where I can get wi-fi. Allison has cable t.v. so she's a happy camper. Overall, we all are.

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