Saturday, September 22, 2007


Down the coast to Victoria. We tried to get a spot at the Westbay Marine Village RV park, but it was full. The site was like an ugly parking lot, but the location was great--right on the harbor. The attendant was sorry not to have room for us; she loved Airstreams. "They class up the place," she said. Interestingly, we see few Airstreams on the road. Now that we have one we are always on the lookout for others. When we spot one we wave like fools trying to catch the attention of the owner. We imagine we are united in some exclusive club which ownership of the iconic silver bullet is claim enough to brotherhood.

We found another RV park, Fort Victoria, that for the time being will have to do, though I hate it. It is an unattractive parking lot, basically. We are used to the beautiful park settings of past campgrounds. We've developed definite likes and dislikes regarding our digs. We like to have a campfire, lots of space, good views, privacy. I like reasonable access to the internet and laundry facilities if possible. So, this morning we are packing up and heading a few kilometers north to Malahat Mountain Meadows Park in a more scenic setting among the cedars.

Yesterday, we picked up Allison's friend, Carly, from the Victoria airport. She flew in to spend a few days with us. Allison is thrilled beyond words. The atmosphere has altered dramatically towards all things girly. Giggles and games and slumber party antics. Robert and I are relegated to our bedroom to give them the space they need to be kids. Carly and Allison are friends from their schooldays at Colegio Calafia in Loreto. They share a unique experience that should bond them for a lifetime. An exclusive club, so to speak.

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