Saturday, September 29, 2007

A Bunch is as Big as You Make It

According to all accounts it should have been a rainy day in Sequim, but we woke to a beautiful, sunny day. So we went exploring. We walked along the John Wayne Marina and up the main road till we reached a dead end. Then we drove to Dungeness Bay for lunch at 3 Crabs. Then on to a lavender farm because lavender is the top crop in Sequim. The purple blooms have been harvested and the plants pruned, but the gift shop was certainly well stocked with all things lavender. Next, we drove to the waterfront where two fishermen were unloading their catch. Things like this fascinate Robert, so we stopped so he could talk to them. He came back with a 20-pound Silver Salmon. It's still in a bucket on ice in the Tahoe, until tomorrow when Robert will fillet it into more manageable portions for our freezer.

All day we kept looking up at the sky marveling at the ring of clouds around Sequim, proof that the "blue hole" really does exist. Because of the way Sequim is situated behind the Olympic Mountains, rain clouds apparently are diverted away. The phenomenon is called a rain shadow. Whatever it 's called, it is a fortunate characteristic of this small seaside town.

Our last stop of the day was to cut flowers at a home on the roadside. A sign on the driveway said, U-Pick Flowers, $2.00 a bunch. The yard was loaded with rows of beautiful dahlias, mostly. It seemed like robbery to offer 2 bucks for our idea of a bunch, but the gentleman on the lawn-mower said a bunch is as big as you make it, (a phrase that has tickled me all day) so Allison grabbed for the scissors and ran. Whoops. We had so much fun selecting the best blooms for our bouquets. It was the best $4 dollars we've spent this whole trip.


harvestmoon said...

My youngest, Ellen would have died a thousand deaths at the dahlia bushes. She LOVES picking and enjoying flowers. What a lovely afternoon for you two!

one eye open said...

Yes, picking those flowers was the highlight of our day! And it was so nice how the homeowners were willing to share their bountiful flower garden with others (for such a token fee!)