Thursday, September 06, 2007

She'll be Coming Round the Mountain Every Hour

After Flathead Lake we landed in Whitefish, Montana to a tiny campsite along Whitefish Lake. At seven miles long, this lake is tiny compared to Flathead, but more charming. This photo shows the view from the campground. The other is of the view from our bedroom in the Airstream.

It would be mini-nirvana but for one thing: the Great Northern Railway. The tracks run not some 100-feet from our campsite and a train runs practically every hour 24/7 bellowing its horn as it passes.

We will endure it one more night and then we're on the Glacier Park and Canada.

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Jamie and Kathy said...

I'm CRYING (well, not really, but you KWIM) at your bEEEUtiful bedroom! Oh My! The view ain't half bad either. I'm so incredibly jealous at your gorgeous trailer and the trip you're making. This summer I'd hoped to do the same; head over from MI to Oregon via Montana, Idaho and Wyoming. Sigh. Maybe next year. Until then, I'm living vicariously through you. And I'm LOVING it!!!