Monday, September 17, 2007

Hidden Treasures

Today was Allison's eighth birthday. We spent it searching for letterboxes hidden in Miligne Canyon and Lake in Jasper National Park. This was our first attempt at this game since learning about it just days ago. People make and hide these boxes in the outdoors for others to find by following clues online. It is very simple really and fun. It makes the hike up a steep terrain a little more tolerable for a kid knowing there's a mystery to solve. Allison just loved it. Now we are planning our own letterbox project.

Our friends, Grant and Joanne left for their home in Edmonton, sorry to say. They are so fun and it was cozy to hang with them in the cabin on Lake Edith. We parked the Airstream right outside the door and made ourselves comfortable. We would be happy to stay longer; it is so beautiful. The lake is glacier fed so it is that aqua blue color. I have seen elk, sheep and a coyote, but no bears yet. At night it is so dark you cannot see the ground you walk on. Elk are in mating season so there is a lot of bellowing or whatever it's called. I have to say I am a little fearful of the 50 steps from the cabin to the trailer for what could be lurking there.

Grant told us a story of how years ago he was unable to get out his front door for work because there were two huge elk in the yard. One charged at him hastening him back into the house where he phoned his boss with the worlds most improbable excuse for tardiness. Or, maybe not so improbable to a Canadian living in the Rockies. Now there's one good advantage to being a Canadian right there, eh?

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