Friday, December 30, 2005

While my Cavalier gently sleeps

We invited Allison's new friend, J., over today. They played fairly well together until the Treasure Hunt game which is basically another version of an Easter egg hunt, except I hid poker chips around the yard. This is when things fell apart. I made the mistake of setting a mood of competition when I commented to Allison, "look, J. knows how to tie his shoes." (she's only worn velcro-tie shoes all her life) She cut an evil sideways glance at me. Then we began the hunt. Allison's technique of careful scanning did not match J.'s physical approach which involved more speed and a willingness to push and dive for a chip. So, after coming up short in three rounds Allison grew pretty testy. I gently scolded her rudeness and off she stormed to her bedroom, slamming the door. Poor loser. In typical clueless male reaction, J asked innocently, "what's the matter with her?"

When J.'s mother came for him she suggested taking Allison back to their house in Loreto for awhile. Robert and I would pick her up later. But when we did go for her we were unable to find the house since there are no house numbers and we were looking for a white house with a palapa off the Malecon, near the giant "M" arch entrance to the La Pinta Hotel. We drove up and down for over a half-hour before giving up and driving to where J's father works to ask him. We half-joked that we'd had better luck just rolling down the car windows and hollering her name through the neighborhood. When we found her she was in their living room a fair distance from three little boys watching a video and eagerly awaiting her departure. I felt disappointed that she did not take to her new friends as I hoped. On the way home she said, "I want a girl friend." (translated to mean,"I don't like playing with trucks in the dirt.") Although I feel for her unhappiness, I understand that a little discomfort will only make the discovery of new "girl" friends a real treasure.

Tonight, Robert, Beau and I took a walk to the Camino Real Hotel with our dog friends, Larry and Curly. Darryl was absent. They remember us from the two days we attempted to become their new guardians. Better now, that we are just friends--they visit and then go home to eat. We all walked or trotted up the boulevard startling an owl out of a tree and stirring up barking from desert dogs hidden in the brush. When we arrived two miles later to the hotel, the two stopped obediently at the entrance and bid us goodbye. They know their place which I find respectful. Meanwhile, our cavalier spaniel has taken to the Mexico lifestyle. Here's a photo of her adapting to her new environment.

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