Monday, December 26, 2005

The other side of Christmas

Christmas evening turned out to be the worst night ever. Something Allison and Ryan ate did not settle well with them and they were up vomiting through the night and into today. I was up with Allison all night, up and down, dashing to the toilet. It was clear to me that the cause was food poisoning and the likely culprit: the turkey. Poor Allison. She was in misery. It was difficult to soothe her and explain that it was only temporary; she felt like dying I'm certain. She was begging me to make the pain stop, but every attempt I made to get Pepto-Bismol or a sip of soda down her was met with immediate vomiting. Of course I was miserable in my ineffectiveness. Finally, around five p.m. today she drifted off to sleep. She is resting quietly on the sofa now with her brothers while they watch Indiana Jones and hasn't vomited in several hours. I assume we are past the worst.

Now I know this is a Christmas she will never forget.

Oh, and to top everything off, this afternoon Robert called me to the carport to see a giant scorpion. He and Beau poked at it with a stick and turned out it was dead. Good thing because if it had bit one of us, that would have pushed my already exhausted self over the edge.

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