Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Hello from Disneyland!

Just a quick update:

Allison, the puppy, and I drove nearly 14 hours to Albuquerque Sunday where we picked up Robert at the airport and finished our drive into California the next day. We drove straight into the Disneyland Hotel parking lot. The porter warned that there were no available rooms. I smiled at Robert who has never not got us in somewhere. I always just sit back and let him do his magic. We are on the 6th floor. He is so proud and delighted to give us this treat. It is our Christmas present to our daughter. This is where we will be for the next few days. I remember visiting the park when I was little, though I'm certain a lot has changed. Now it's Allison's turn. She can't stop smiling. I'm still in a fog from the relentless driving.

We are waiting right now for Robert to return from taking Betsy Mayflower to doggy day care. Then we begin our day with Mickey and the cast.

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