Saturday, December 17, 2005

Post-disney blues

We joked today that we were suffering Disney withdrawl. After days of pure indulgence in a magical environment where we were led to believe our wishes were oh so important, we feel sort of dropped into the street. We're on our own again.

We slummed it at a dumpy hotel in Long Beach before checking in today to a grander one in Marina Del Mar. Our room looks out over a channel rimmed with boats. The plan was to give Robert the day to wander through the harbor inquiring about sailboats. Allison and I spent the afternoon lounging in our room until he returned. Instead of cartoons she watched the cooking channel which I thought was unusual for a 6 year old. But then I thought about it: Who doesn't like watching food prepared? We sat on the bed side-by-side through two programs critiquing food. When Robert returned he found two very hungry people.

We drove to Santa Monica and walked the pier and the promenade. The last time I did that was 14 years ago. We ate at a great deli and strolled what was basically an outdoor shopping mall watching street performers and artists. We saw a Chinese man throw dishes from his foot onto the top of his head--7 in all. Some of the performers are so skilled you feel guilty not rewarding them with a little something. Later, when a young boy approached me with a coffee can asking for money for some cause I felt inclined to demand a demonstration of talent.

Tomorrow, my indulgence: a drive up Santa Monica Boulevard through to the canyons and the Hollywood Hills where the lucky few live. From there we will head to San Diego for the night before beginning our trek down Baja California to "home."

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