Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Necessary provisions

I can't say that all of my time has been spent working to get out of town: I've spent time visiting friends and today having my hair highlighted at Ginger's Hair Shanty. I've been eating plenty; everything from donuts to onion rings to Hostess snowballs and Jif's extra crunchy peanut butter (killed two mice in the pantry with Jif's this week) Today I made a trip to the Sunglass Hut at our local mall. I actually said to the clerk. "I need good sunglasses because I'm going away for awhile." She looked at me inquisitively. "Oh, no, not jail. Just out of the country. Never mind."

Yesterday I was driving into the city listening to country music. God, I love the stories in country music. Some are designed to make you cry. They are blatant manipulations of our emotions, but we fall for it anyway. So, this guy loses his girl who he suspects has moved to Austin, Texas. After a year she finally phones and gets his answering machine on which he's recorded a message just for her. She hears that he still loves her. So she leaves a message for him to phone her and when he does she pretends that she is a recording telling him that she loves him too. Aaagggghhhh! I am sobbing in the passing lane and it feels good to be home in the good old midwest.

Since I decided I will pull our small trailer behind our SUV to Mexico my whole attitude toward provisions has altered. Suddenly anything and everything goes. I keep thinking about Karen Blixen and all her lovelies she toted to Africa. I feel like I know her. When she was packing she must have gone through exactly the same mental process as I. Let's see--I might really need these forged iron napkin rings. What if I have friends over? We might need wine charms so no one mistakes their glass for anothers. A badminton set might be fun, and a frisbee. But I'm practical too: I packed duct tape, twine, nylon rope, a saw, in addition to the kitchen-ware, electronics, a favorite painting by one of my best friends, books, books, books, candles, poker chips, Risk (Robert's favorite game,) specialty papers to make greeting cards, 3 bottles of Marsala, grape jelly, a small tin of anchovies ( what if I want to make Caesar salad.) I also hunted around for things that would make good gifts. We'll be making new friends. Nice to have something special.

I thought I might need a good windbreaker but instead I visited my good friend, Kim, at the clothing boutique where she works at part-time. Thanks, Kim, for your help selecting that Johnny Was jacket and the black velvet three-quarter length coat with the fushcia mongolian lamb fur boa that goes over the lacy purple camisole. I'll be the most styling gringo chick in Mexico. I love you for helping me remember to have fun.

Has anyone else heard Stephen Colbert interview Tim Robbins? I heard excerpts today on Terry Gross's Fresh Air and it was hysterical. "So, Tim, What is it like working with Clint Eastman--and why do you hate America?"

That's all for tonight. I have to sleep some. Countdown: three days till departure.

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