Saturday, December 13, 2008

Still Cleaning

I can't enjoy Loreto living until my house is in order. And everyone must help. Robert has already hung, drilled, cleaned, moved, repaired from a list longer than his tired arm. SO, that's why you see me power washing his golf clubs. His idea to bring the power washer was a brilliant act of spousal manipulation. He had to know I'd seize it like an addict and let loose my latent OCD tendencies toward grime. I love stripping dirt from my stuff. Water conservation be dammed--I will have the cleanest terrace in Loreto Bay.

I started at the top--the tower and worked down. Walls, furniture, and all. Really though, the power washer probably uses less water than a hose. It is certainly efficient on stucco and cement.

My other favorite tool is the vacuum. I brought a new one down here. Previously, I believed I didn't need one since all our floors are tile. But, I was wrong. It's the attachments--those things that hang on your vacuum that you may never use--that are a bonus here. With the vacuum hose I went over every plaster baseboard and window-sill, under every bed, over every window shade.

So if I would recommend any two tools that one might overlook in the necessities of Loreto Living the power-washer and the vacuum are definite contenders.

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