Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Poco a poco

I made an effort to wake early today. It is true that Loreto is most beautiful in the morning. The early sunlight washes slowly over the mountains warming each range one by one. It is a study in contrast. By mid-day the sunlight fuses everything together into more bland hues.

This first photo is the view from my tower across the Paseo to the northwest. The following are shots of the Paseo under construction. The lane that leads to the Inn is currently being prepared for asphalt. It is certainly encouraging to see the progress take shape. I don't have any information on the schedule or plans for each aspect of the community, but there is an apparent sense of order that seemed lacking previously. I did inquire about the landscaping in progress in Founder's Neighborhood and learned that each cluster is being done or redone to higher standards starting closest to the Inn and working north. Lucky for us, they have started working in our alley planting giant palms. They will get done as much as they can before breaking at December 22. In January they will come back and re-do our paver pathways.

The weather has turned a little cool and overcast. I thought it would rain today, but no. That there is no wind is an asset as it would certainly be whipping up the dirt in the raw street.
I've been here previous winters where the wind mixed with the construction made for miserable times. We've been here one week already and it has been so pleasant. Poco a poco, little by little, Loreto Bay moves forward.

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