Friday, December 12, 2008

Getting our house in order

Our casa has been unoccupied (except for a couple of family/friends visits) for six months. So if it seems I'm overly focused on cleaning, well, I am.
In my estimate, all the bedding and towels needed laundering and every surface of the house wiped and sanitized, or vinegarized as it seems we had some moisture built up downstairs. An irrigation sprayer to the courtyard was broken and throwing water under the door to the bathroom closet inside. (We have a huge closet instead of a bathtub--an option I don't know exists anymore with the casa chicas.) Why property management overlooked this little dysfunction puzzled us greatly and increasingly infuriated me as I took to the task of emptying every item in the closet and either wiping, soaking or washing it with vinegar. Later, I realized that property management did not have a key to our closet, so how would they know the problem--UNLESS THEY SMELLED IT! The secret to being satisfied with property management is to actually live here! Now that we're here, any request we have is met with immediate response. Within one day we had our leaky kitchen faucet and downstairs toilet repaired. Road Nine showed up in minutes to repair the Internet wiring. It's hard to stay mad when they try so hard.

Well, now that that task is behind me I am over it. On to other stuff. Our larger bedding can't fit into our washing machine so we had to locate a laundromat in Loreto. We found one just by driving up and down streets till we came across this rather promising one on Calle Independencia. ( If traveling north on Jaurez take a left at the four way stop which is Independencia and go down a few blocks; it's on the right) We dropped off a king bedspread, blanket and dust ruffle. The manager charged us 360 pesos. No bargain, but we got clean bedding folded and wrapped.

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